Dear Friends,
As the school year starts for the kids, September feels more like a New Year than January does. 
New routines, new teachers, and a return to “normal,” whatever we might mean by that, all get 
fresh energy in September.
As people of faith, any beginning reminds us of our ever speaking – ever creating God making 
all things new. There are times when we might prefer to sit out this distribution of new, but like 
it or not, God has plans for us and the blessings that go with them.
This September we are renewing our kids’ Sunday School, a different class arrangement, a 
couple of different teachers, the same hope for helping kids learn to love God and be joyful and 
noticeable participants in our church life. 
The Christian Ed folks are also inviting the congregation to take part in a UCC-wide event, the 
One Church Read. We are distributing copies of the book, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers to read 
along with the wider church. The intent is to open our eyes to the challenges people of every 
age face when they lack the ability to read competently. It is intended to encourage action on 
the part of the congregation, to make an impact in our community/communities.
If you are a person who spends any time at all on the internet, please take a look at the UCC 
website – – and the program website – I would 
love to find a person to lead the congregation’s experience with this event.
We sing about God being present in ordinary places. We sing about God calling us to represent 
love and forgiveness. Often simple opportunities like this help us to become aware of how we 
can reach and touch others with God’s good love.
Wishing you peace and excitement,

Pastor Chuck

Fall Fest is set for October 26. The time is from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

There will be games, snacks, and a lot of fun. Come out and join us!

Sunday school starts on September 14th. Sunday School teachers

are needed. We will need two teachers per week. If you would like

to teach a class, please sign up as soon as possible.

We are looking for someone to shadow Martha with VBS. We need a
person who is willing to help out with planning and to help organize VBS.
Crop Walk is set for October 12th. We will be collecting canned
goods for the Food Pantry.

 Sunday August 31 – 1:00 Memorial Service for Walt Lawniczak
 Tuesday 9/2 – Trustees
 Sunday 9/7 – Church Picnic – Kirby Park
 Monday 9/8 – Shut-In Communion
o All Church Read – literacy event kicks off – Reading Changes Lives
 Sunday 9/14 – Sunday School Resumes.
 Wed./Thurs. October 1 & 2 – Pastor Chuck Continuing Education
 Saturday 10/12 – Friday 10/17 – Pastor Chuck Vacation
Focus Scripture Passages for September
If you would like to read ahead on the scripture passages at the center of worship
for the month, you might consider Adult Sunday School at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, or
read the Bible for yourself.
 9/1/14 - Exodus 12:1-14
 9/14/14 - Exodus 14:19-31
 9/21/14 – Exodus 16:2-15
 9/28/14 – Exodus 17:1-7

Upcoming Events:
 Church Picnic at Kirby Park September 7 – Starts with the worship service at 10:00 with
the picnic immediately following.
 Crop Walk – Set to start October 12 and runs until November 23rd. We will be collecting
canned goods for the food pantry.
 Coffee Hour – Sign up to host a coffee hour! October and December are still open!
 Fall Fest – “Mark Your Calendar” Time is 4:00 – 6:00 pm and includes games, snacks, and
a lot of fun.
 Sunday school begins September 14th! We will need two teachers per week. Please sign
up as soon as possible if you are interested in helping in this way.
September 1- Ronda Harris
September 8- Zoey Morris
September 15- Ruth Irwin
September 22- Sean Casey
September 29- TBA
2 - Ronda Harris 21 - Louis Dubb

Birthday and Anniversary

2 - Ronda Harris 21 - Louis Dubberstine
8 - Ethan Bara 25- Ed Jauch
10- Maddison Ricci 29- Billie Jean Taylor
11- Carol Carruthers Micah Cole
Angie Bara 30- Eileen Dion
12- Madison Bara Nick Dornik
Gloria Clark
John Delaney
14- Dana Jauch
15- Wanda Fusinato
3 – Ron & Jolene Rynke
7 – Ed & Mary Burrell
17 – Pastor Chuck & Martha Maney
29 – Elizabeth & Nick Dornik

In need of prayer

Fritz Glupczynski Friend of Eileen Dion Healing – Heart Problems
Wayne Seltzer Son-In-Law of Colby’s Healing - Cancer
Robin Stacks Daughter of Ashbys Healing and grace
Dena Strell Member Healing
Jean & Roger Bara Member Healing
Nancy Johnson Michelle Casey’s Friend Healing-Lou Gehrig’s
Bob Pozzi Barb’s Husband Healing
Doug & Maria Walker Friends of Kay Redshaw Healing for Doug
Marilyn Lenhausen Member Daily Grace
Terry Casford Member Comfort – Cancer
Gary Schaill Friend of Kay Redshaw Healing-Kidney Cancer
Roger/Carol Podobinski Member Strength/Peace of Mind
Lily Rosploch Granddaughter of Tonozzi’s Healing – Cancer
Marian Campbell Member Healing
Pam Braunlich Friend of Kay Redshaw Healing-kidney & liver transplant
Eileen Dion Member Healing
Dot Young Member Healing and Strength
JoAnn Pienta Member Healing
Arnie Watkins Friend of Rynkes Healing
Linda Keipple Member Healing
Martha Jacobs Friend Healing
Dorothy Colby Member Healing
Charles Casford, Jr. Terry Casford’s Brother Comfort & Peace/Heart
Ann Milner Friend of Carol Edgcomb Recovery
Jim Porter Friend of Hildi Grivetti Healing & Comfort/Stroke
Elaine Ernat Friend of Dena Strell Healing- Cancer
Willa Fues Member Healing
Lucille Piercy Neighbor of Taylors Healing/Surgery
Sonya Gromm Co-worker of Martha Maney Healing/Cancer
Ruth Irwin Member Healing
Randi Kneebone Wanda Fusinato’s Br. In law Tongue Cancer - Healing
Paul Mignone Friend of Taylors At SV Nursing Center
Violet Cook Ruth Irwin’s Mother Strength-in nursing home
Alivia Kinkin Strength and adjustment
Linda Buchanan Friend of Kay Redshaw Strength